Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Every Day Heroes

When Life Brings The Unexpected

This has been a year of loss and change. In January, we unexpectly lost my husband’s stepfather, Nelson Tate. Then, in October, we lost a dear friend who was more like a brother to us than a friend. My mother-in-law is 86 years old. She lives two and one-half hours away from us and she needs lots of support at this stage of her life. It is not easy to give the needed support from a distance. However, when life demands, we must respond and give to others as much as possible.

Spotlight On Nelson and Bertha

Survivors… what other description would be logical to give two people who received a second chance at marriage and a happy life? Bertha is my mother-in-law and Nelson was Jim’s stepfather, my second father-in-law. They were both every day people and mill workers for many years of their lives. They survived wars, uncertain and unstable economies, heartache, raising children on hourly wages, watching children grow up and leave the nest, etc. She is a mother, grandmother, great grandmother, and one strong and determined Christian woman! He was a father, grandfather, great grandfather, and one of the kindest souls I have ever had the privilege of knowing. Nelson went home to be with the lord in January after a short illness that he could not overcome. Since then, we have pulled together as a family and have been a loving support to my mother-in-law. Why am I sharing a bit of their lives with you? Because I believe we grow and learn by hearing about others and how they have endured and have not given up or in to the struggles that life brings. Bertha and Nelson lost their spouses within a few months of each other. They were both in their 70s at that time. It would have been easy for them to give up on life and shrivel up and die. However, they did not! They remained strong. They went to church socials. They continued with life routines and they found in each other comfort and a purpose to go on. Within a year of the death of their spouses, they were married. Life had many ups and downs for them, but they pulled together and made a life worth living in their golden years. They are heroes that society will never hear about in the news. They are unsung heroes that are only known about within family and friend circles. I am sure Nelson has received his heavenly reward and I know that Bertha will proclaim the goodness of the Lord until He calls her home. Today, I take a moment to honor them and to say we love you! We commend you for fighting the good fight and living life to the fullest!

Who do you know that deserves every day hero status? Please share!

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