Thursday, November 12, 2015

Every Day Heroes 2

Last post, I mentioned another every day hero that I wanted to make sure got his moment in the spotlight.

After a long battle with diabetes and Parkinson’s disease, he went home to be with the Lord on October 12th, 2015. His name is Kenneth Blaine Syfert and his faithful, loving wife is Carol Grote Syfert. We have known the Syferts for more than twenty years. Over the years, our friendship grew to become more of a family bond than just a friendship. We walked with them through many struggles and many joys of life. In 2003, Ken lost his leg due to complications to diabetes. It was a traumatic time for their family and it changed the dynamics of their marital relationship. Carol became the breadwinner, a role she would have never chosen. Ken became the stay at home husband who did what he could with his disability to support his wife in her new role.  He also would have never chosen this life adjustment that he was forced to make. A few years later, Ken was also diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease. We remained friends through all of the ups and downs that a degenerative disease brings with it. Through all of the change and heartache, I saw a man, whose faith never waivered. In all of the years that he was ill, we never heard him complain once and as far as I know, he never questioned God as to why he was asked to walk such a seemingly unfair pathway along his journey through life. He had a love for children and he made origami frogs and swans for children he met within his circle of influence. He worked a few summer camps with a friend who owned a business in that field. He hand drew greeting cards that were personalized for the person receiving them. He found ways to let his light shine. He was a selfless, caring man who is already missed greatly. Carol is also an every day hero because she was a faithful spouse and took her vows seriously. She stood by Ken “until death do us part”. She did everything she could to make his life comfortable and as enjoyable as a shut-in’s life can be.

Sharing Stories That Spotlight Every Day Heroes

These are the stories we need to hear of people who have grit and somehow get through the difficult places in life. These are the people we need to place in the spotlight because their lives have purpose and a deeper meaning than we realize. I am grateful that the Lord saw fit for our pathway to cross with Ken and Carol Syfert’s pathway. Knowing them and having the privilege to share life with them has been and will continue to be a true blessing.

Has an every day hero’s pathway has crossed yours? Who has brought purpose and meaning to your life? Jump in and give that person the much-deserved recognition they would never expect.

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