Friday, January 15, 2016

I Am And Writing Is...

I Am…
Filled with memories of my childhood and young life and those memories play like a movie in my head.
Joyful when I have an opportunity to play with my grandkids.
Afraid when I focus on present and potentially future problems.
Determined to live life to the fullest.
Compassionate and caring of others.
Intimidated by people who pretend to be something they are not.
Comfortable when I wear jeans and a nice shirt.
Happy when my husband and I connect through conversation.
Striving to live a better life than I have lived before.
Longing to exercise and eat right.
Tender towards children, animals, the disabled and the elderly.
Goofy and corny, at times.
Torn between being modern and old-fashioned.
Loving towards my family and close friends.
Anxious when I dwell on my responsibilities.
One who enjoys writing.
A lover of the great outdoors.
Satisfied when the weather is warm and sunny…spring, summer, and fall with bright, Carolina blue skies.

A hopeless romantic who is in love with a realist. God has a sense of humor!

Writing Is…

Pure pleasure.
Easy and comfortable to my fingers and my mind.
A part of who I am.
A passion of mine.
Words on a page that bring life to many things…characters, settings, objects, animals, and life itself!
Music in word form
Creativity at its best.
Joyful to those who love it.
A form of communication that goes beyond oral words.
Life on a page.
Fiction, fantasy, reality, truth, exaggerated, underestimated
Thoughts in written form
An excellent way to express ones thoughts.
For me, a gift God gave me the ability to use and I am grateful that He has given me an avenue to share it!
- d.short

Monday, January 11, 2016

Important Changes In Progress - Blog Followers Please Read!

Hi all! My post today is a frustrating one for me. Blogger has made a decision to force blog followers to have a g-mail account. I personally feel this is unfair and possibly unwarranted. This is supposed to take place this week. I found this information buried inside the site I use to write this blog. There was no info sent to inform me of this change. I had to find it. Needless to say, I am a bit unsatisfied as a blogger. I am in the process of finding another site in which to move my blog. I hope you will continue to follow me as I make the transition. Please stand by…and have a blessed day!!

Friday, January 8, 2016

Words Matter

Words Of Accusation

What words do you use on a regular basis? I have to admit; sometimes mine are not as positive as they should be. When life becomes stressful and I feel as though I am out of control of a situation I am faced with, I tend to use words that criticize, assume, condemn, or judge. I yell at drivers who cut me off or drive as though life were not fragile. I mumble when my husband’s actions frustrate me. I grumble when I am forced to watch programming on TV that I might not be interested in viewing. And, yes, at times I mentally verbalize words of criticism and judgment of a total stranger just because they might have body jewelry or tattoos that I don’t care for. Lord forgive me!

How Do You Approach Jesus With Words?

I am in the middle of doing an independent Bible study entitled The Missing Pieces written by Jennifer Rothschild. In the first chapter, she points out the way we phrase a question to the Lord matters. Her reference is on the storm that the disciples endured while Jesus was sleeping in the boat. She writes: “His frightened followers did not ask, “Do You care?” Instead they asked, “Don’t You care?” To ask Jesus, “Do You care?” is to inquire. But, to ask, “Don’t You care?” is an accusation hidden in the form of a question. Hear the difference.” Jesus does care and when we approach His throne of grace, it needs to be with respect and a healthy fear of who He is. He is God’s Son, Savior of all mankind, King of Kings and Lord of Lords.  We should speak to Him with words of appreciation and ask with words that respect who He is to us. After all, He is sitting at the right hand of the Father making intercession for our sins.

Respecting God First and Then, Respecting Others

Respect begins with faith. When we humble ourselves before a living God who hears our every word and knows our every action, shouldn’t we do so with respect? His Word says: The fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge, But fools despise wisdom and instruction. Proverbs 1:7 God does not expect us to be fearful with anxiety when we approach Him in prayer, but He does expect us to remember in whom we are speaking to and to act accordingly. And, I believe we should take this a step further. If He knows all of our thoughts before we think them, hears our every word when we speak them and He sees our every action as we do them, shouldn’t we learn to show others respect? Even when we disagree with someone or we don’t like the way another person dresses or how they behave, shouldn’t we hold our opinions within and ask the Lord to help us see them through His eyes?

Words Should Build Up, Not Tear Down

Living close to the lord changes my perspective. While I am human and I make mistakes, my main focus should be on letting Him reflect through me to others. My light cannot shine when I am screaming at a driver who only thinks of him/her self. My faith in God does not reflect in mumbled words of frustration or grumbles of TV viewing. My actions do not show the love of Jesus when I judge others by their appearance. Words of love, compassion, and faith cannot mix with words of judgment, criticism, or condemnation. In my imperfect human state, I often miss the mark as I strive to use words that build others up and emphasize the positive qualities that reflect the Holy Spirit’s presence within my heart. And, as I approach my God, I should use words that show respect as I seek His will for my life and I ask for His compassion in my circumstance or the circumstances of others.

The bottom line is…words matter! How are you letting your light shine through the use of words? Please share and encourage others today!

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Holding On When You Feel Like Letting Go

Preparation For A Great Future

This morning has been busy. I am preparing for an exam that I will be taking later in the week. It’s a big deal because this exam will reward me with a certification and open doors of opportunity in a career field that will provide a much-needed financial boost to our household budget. It has been a long time coming for me. I have been studying for two years and the time has come to use the skills that are beginning to come easier to me. While I feel prepared for the test, I also have some butterflies in my stomach. I am reminded of the Michelin tire commercial: “There’s a lot riding on your tires.” There’s a lot riding on this exam for us! Please pray for a passing score!

What AM I Holding On To?”

As I took the last bit of my Christmas tree down this morning, I was reflecting on life and these words came to me: “holding on when I feel like letting go”. I wrote them down quickly in my notebook before my brain moved onto other thoughts. Have you ever wanted to give up on something when you knew quitting was not the right thing to do? Let me tell you, I do often! I spend a great deal of my time participating in self-talk and fighting through situations when in reality, all I want to do is throw up my hands and yell, “I quit!” In the desperation of the moment, I feel hopeless and unable to make it another step. Then, the Lord sends inspiration in various ways. I have had encouragement through my sweet daughter-in-law, Tina, who encouraged me to keep on keeping on. I have gone on Facebook and read just the right post to lift my spirits and spur me on when I had no desire to finish what I started. I hear the sound of my mother’s ringtone and I am immediately lifted up because if I have no one else in life, I know I have her and she will always be cheering for my success. I share a text with one of my kids and I know I am important to them and I can keep going. I read my daughter-in-law, Brittany Styron’s blog and think of the struggles she has daily in raising and homeschooling 4 small children and I am encouraged. I talk to my sweet friend, Carol, and I am reminded of a true friendship that exists between us and I know life is good. My husband, who has been more than supportive of me through the years, stands by me in all I try to accomplish. Wow! How blessed I truly am! The bottom line is I have to stop and remind myself of what it is  that I am holding on to. I am holding onto the love of my Lord, Jesus Christ, who will never leave me nor forsake me. I am holding onto the love of family and dear, sweet friends. I am holding onto the hope of a better life while beginning a new career. I am holding onto all that life brings – the good, the bad, and all that comes my way. And…today I am grateful!

What are you holding on to today? I’d love to hear about it!