Friday, January 15, 2016

I Am And Writing Is...

I Am…
Filled with memories of my childhood and young life and those memories play like a movie in my head.
Joyful when I have an opportunity to play with my grandkids.
Afraid when I focus on present and potentially future problems.
Determined to live life to the fullest.
Compassionate and caring of others.
Intimidated by people who pretend to be something they are not.
Comfortable when I wear jeans and a nice shirt.
Happy when my husband and I connect through conversation.
Striving to live a better life than I have lived before.
Longing to exercise and eat right.
Tender towards children, animals, the disabled and the elderly.
Goofy and corny, at times.
Torn between being modern and old-fashioned.
Loving towards my family and close friends.
Anxious when I dwell on my responsibilities.
One who enjoys writing.
A lover of the great outdoors.
Satisfied when the weather is warm and sunny…spring, summer, and fall with bright, Carolina blue skies.

A hopeless romantic who is in love with a realist. God has a sense of humor!

Writing Is…

Pure pleasure.
Easy and comfortable to my fingers and my mind.
A part of who I am.
A passion of mine.
Words on a page that bring life to many things…characters, settings, objects, animals, and life itself!
Music in word form
Creativity at its best.
Joyful to those who love it.
A form of communication that goes beyond oral words.
Life on a page.
Fiction, fantasy, reality, truth, exaggerated, underestimated
Thoughts in written form
An excellent way to express ones thoughts.
For me, a gift God gave me the ability to use and I am grateful that He has given me an avenue to share it!
- d.short

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