Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Holding On When You Feel Like Letting Go

Preparation For A Great Future

This morning has been busy. I am preparing for an exam that I will be taking later in the week. It’s a big deal because this exam will reward me with a certification and open doors of opportunity in a career field that will provide a much-needed financial boost to our household budget. It has been a long time coming for me. I have been studying for two years and the time has come to use the skills that are beginning to come easier to me. While I feel prepared for the test, I also have some butterflies in my stomach. I am reminded of the Michelin tire commercial: “There’s a lot riding on your tires.” There’s a lot riding on this exam for us! Please pray for a passing score!

What AM I Holding On To?”

As I took the last bit of my Christmas tree down this morning, I was reflecting on life and these words came to me: “holding on when I feel like letting go”. I wrote them down quickly in my notebook before my brain moved onto other thoughts. Have you ever wanted to give up on something when you knew quitting was not the right thing to do? Let me tell you, I do often! I spend a great deal of my time participating in self-talk and fighting through situations when in reality, all I want to do is throw up my hands and yell, “I quit!” In the desperation of the moment, I feel hopeless and unable to make it another step. Then, the Lord sends inspiration in various ways. I have had encouragement through my sweet daughter-in-law, Tina, who encouraged me to keep on keeping on. I have gone on Facebook and read just the right post to lift my spirits and spur me on when I had no desire to finish what I started. I hear the sound of my mother’s ringtone and I am immediately lifted up because if I have no one else in life, I know I have her and she will always be cheering for my success. I share a text with one of my kids and I know I am important to them and I can keep going. I read my daughter-in-law, Brittany Styron’s blog and think of the struggles she has daily in raising and homeschooling 4 small children and I am encouraged. I talk to my sweet friend, Carol, and I am reminded of a true friendship that exists between us and I know life is good. My husband, who has been more than supportive of me through the years, stands by me in all I try to accomplish. Wow! How blessed I truly am! The bottom line is I have to stop and remind myself of what it is  that I am holding on to. I am holding onto the love of my Lord, Jesus Christ, who will never leave me nor forsake me. I am holding onto the love of family and dear, sweet friends. I am holding onto the hope of a better life while beginning a new career. I am holding onto all that life brings – the good, the bad, and all that comes my way. And…today I am grateful!

What are you holding on to today? I’d love to hear about it!

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