Monday, December 7, 2015

An Unfocused Focal Point

An Unfocused Focal Point 

Sometimes this is how life feels to me. Are you with me on this one? There are days when I am on target and it feels as though my life is together. I feel alive and exhilarated. Life could not be better. Then, all of a sudden, I wake up and something doesn’t feel right. I’m not sick. No one has called and given me disturbing news. Nothing big is going on in the world. Yet somehow life feels out of focus and I wish I could go back to bed. I want to hide under my warm, cozy blanket and start the day again. Does anyone else have days when they wish they could have a do over?

False Contentment

There are many reasons why life can seem overwhelming, but I have learned that many times when I have an out-of-sorts day or two, that something bigger is going on within me. Often, I have not allowed myself time to unwind. My quiet time with Jesus might have become a five minute devotional with a one sentence prayer or no prayer at all. I fill my every waking moment with activities, chores, events, etc. and the overload of a busy life brings about false contentment. And like a wind-up toy, God allows me to go until I am exhausted and depleted. The constant going and doing provides mental and physical stimulation, but it hides the raw emotion of an unnourished soul. When I finally take a moment to breathe, it is then that I realize I need something more. I need time with the only One who can fix my problem.
Overwhelmed and a bit depressed, I retreat and I take time to sit quietly in His presence, allowing Him to peel a layer of the worldly mask off. It is at that moment of total surrender that He shows me the root of my uneasiness. It is only then that my soul can truly be healed and I can continue on with life. When I am a willing vessel and I allow Him to work on me and through me, only then do I feel worthy of the life gift He has so richly given me. Blessings abound in His contentment and in knowing that all good gifts come from the Lord.

Protected and Loved

Those of us who follow Jesus are given a protection that others have no way of experiencing. He leads us on our journey and keeps us safe in His loving arms. This might sound like a fairy tale. It’s not! The protection of the lord is real. However, this does not mean Christians are immune to heartache and sufferings. In fact, He told us in His word that in this world there is trouble and that we are not exempt from it. The difference is that when trouble comes, He walks with us and guides us through whatever life brings our way. In our weakness, if we rely on Him, we find the strength to carry on, even when in our human weakness, we want to fall down in despair and accept defeat.

Focus On The Beauty

In troubling times, when life seems unfocused and out-of-balance, try to focus on the beauty of the moment. God is working, even in the moments when things do not feel right. He is changing us little by little and creating a beautiful life as He uses all of our circumstances to transform the imperfect into the perfect. We are also told that Jesus is a true friend. True friends stand with us in the good times and the bad times. They understand that a mistake made does not sum up the character of the person. Let us remember that God knows all of us – the good, the bad, the mediocre – and He loves us anyway! Wow! That is beautiful!

Focal Point On You

As I end today, I want you to think of your own life and I hope that you will take away some encouragement. Human beings need reflection. We need time to quiet our bodies and nourish our souls. I would like to give you permission that when life does not feel quite right, take some time and renew your relationship with the Lord. And, then, see if the unfocused focal point no longer is a bother. And…share those experiences here! I’d love to hear!

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